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Gliding over Maui

The adventure begins,
Skyview Soaring would like to invite your family and friend's to visit the beautiful Hana Airport and experience the thrill of soaring flight.

Taking flight,
Departing from Hana Airport and see breathtaking scenery as we climb above East Maui and it's rugged coastlines. View seasonal waterfalls and lush hidden valleys as we climb the slopes of majestic Haleakala.

The experience,
Experience the thrill and beauty of silent flight as we turn off the engines and glide back to Hana Airport silently, except for the air rushing over the glider's wings.

30 minute flight experience,
On our thirty minute rides we will climb along the shorelines of East Maui, enjoying views of the rugged coastlines and seasonal waterfalls.

1 hour flight experience,
On our one hour ride, we will climb to the rim of the majestic Haleakala Volcano and view the crater from over 9,500 feet above the sea, gliding approximately 45 minutes back to Hana Airport.

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